RMA Real Estate Investment Advisors
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Working with partners is a core part of RMA’s investment strategy—and success. Our point of difference? An operating approach of a private investor with the strength of an institutional partner.

RMA Advantage | What We Deliver

Strong Capital Partner: RMA provides operating partners with the opportunity to joint venture with a strong capital partner that has a significant balance sheet.

Commitment: RMA seeks to build long-term relationships with its operating partners. As a source of private capital, RMA is committed to investing in real estate and exhibits the patience required for this asset class.

Flexibility: RMA provides its operating partners with the capital needed to execute their business plans and maximize the value from their investments.

Qualifications | What We Look for in a Partner

Quality: RMA seeks to find best-in-class local operating partners with a geographical and product specialty or focus.

Proven Track Record: RMA partners have proven track records and a long history of executing business plans in their submarkets and product types, with strong value-creating strategies.

Co-Investment: RMA requires meaningful co-investments from its partners.