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How Hot is U.S. Real Estate?

Since the beginning of 2016, a slowdown in global economic growth has resulted in increased stock market volatility. In contrast, U.S. commercial real estate continues to perform notwithstanding concern about high prices in a few of the top metropolitan markets. The following two research reports provide commentary on various pockets of value in this $12 trillion market, and highlight the importance of analysis and diligence in sourcing and managing real estate investments.

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Bloomberg Radio Interview with Dani Evanson

RMA Managing Director Dani Evanson joined a live show at EisnerAmper’s Real Estate Private Equity Summit West 2016. Here is a recording of that interview regarding the state of the US real estate market and how RMA sources investments.

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The Lifetime Income Series: Making an Income Plan

This week Jim and Cathlyn focus on putting together an income plan for retirement. Every day approximately 10,000 Americans turn 65, and less than 30% have a retirement plan. They stress the importance of having a plan that fits your individual needs, and is not a cookie-cutter solution. Those without any plan will have to deal with market downturns, unpredictable income, and asset allocation that may not support one’s lifestyle or expenses. Jim goes over strategies to align your assets for a more predictable income in retirement, as well as account for inflation. He illustrates this through the case study of Jerry and Carla Benson. The guest this week is Dani Evanson, Managing Director of RMA, a private real estate investment and advisory firm. Dani will discuss customized commercial real estate portfolios for individuals and families.

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RMA Investment Snapshot

This is a compilation of the transactions we sourced for our funds and private clients in 2014. Also included are some funds that our separate account clients allocated to based on our recommendations.

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