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Experts Weigh In On How To Build More Workforce Housing

When it comes to housing, the middle class is getting squeezed. Many tax incentives go toward affordable housing for low-income residents, and the rising cost of land and construction have many developers building market-rate projects, which doesn’t leave much room for those developers wanting to build workforce housing products, experts said

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Beyond the Backyard

Real estate is an emotional investment for many family office principals. Ask them to discuss their portfolios and they are more likely to tell you about their $10 million investment in a residential property than their ‘cash cow’ allocation to hedge funds. It’s the type of asset you’d expect to appeal to individuals who have built their businesses around family. But has the desire for real assets, particularly residential investments, caused an imbalance in portfolios?

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A Hot New Investing Trend Among Super Rich Families

Nothing is handled with more care than the assets of the super wealthy—not newborn babies, not 300 year old porcelain...nothing. That’s what makes new strategies among ultra high net-worth investors so fascinating. And these days, according to Dani Evanson of RMA, a west coast based real estate investment and advisory firm, there’s a hot new trend coming out of family and wealth management offices around the country.

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Los Angeles Power Women 2014

Today, we bring you the first installment of our seven-part Power Woman series profiling the 50 most influential women in LA commercial real estate. Then join Bisnow and partner Allen Matkins on Nov. 12 for a cocktail awards reception to honor them at the Hotel Casa del Mar, 6 – 8pm.

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Property Perks

High-net-worth individuals scrounging for yield in a low-interest-rate environment and financial advisors seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition are increasingly knocking directly on the door to commercial real estate.

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