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The Lifetime Income Series: Making an Income Plan

The Podcast Broadcast, hosted by James J Puplava CFP and Cathlyn Harris – 05/30/2014.
Special Guest: Dani Evanson on Customized Commercial Real Estate Portfolios

Hosted by Jim Puplava since 1997, The Newshour is a current leader in online financial news, frequently ranked in the Top 10 iTunes Business News Podcasts. The show covers myriad current and trending topics in global economics and finance, featuring top guests from all over the world, from authors, doctors, and economists to leaders in business and politics.

This week Jim and Cathlyn focus on putting together an income plan for retirement. Every day approximately 10,000 Americans turn 65, and less than 30% have a retirement plan. They stress the importance of having a plan that fits your individual needs, and is not a cookie-cutter solution. Those without any plan will have to deal with market downturns, unpredictable income, and asset allocation that may not support one’s lifestyle or expenses. Jim goes over strategies to align your assets for a more predictable income in retirement, as well as account for inflation. He illustrates this through the case study of Jerry and Carla Benson. The guest this week is Dani Evanson, Managing Director of RMA, a private real estate investment and advisory firm. Dani will discuss customized commercial real estate portfolios for individuals and families.

Listen to Dani Evanson as a special guest during this podcast